How to block websites in Chrome

While a web browser’s main purpose is to let you visit any website you want, some of these sites might be too distracting or even inappropriate, especially if your kids can access your PC. If you’d like to block websites in Chrome, that’s entirely possible – in fact, there are multiple ways you can do it!

There are many reasons why you’d want to block websites in Chrome and also various methods that make this possible. We’ll show you several, including one that doesn’t rely on extensions.

Create a supervised user profile

If you want to block websites in Google Chrome without installing any extensions, the best solution is to create a supervised user profile. This allows you to control the sites visited by the user, enable SafeSearch, block websites, but also block extensions and apps.

Start by clicking the three-dots menu icon in the upper-right corner of Chrome and select “Settings”.

In the Settings tab, click “Manage other people”.┬áThis will open a new window. Click the “Add Person” button to continue.

Next, give the new user a name, select a profile icon and check the option called “Supervise this person to control and view the websites they visit from your Google Account”. Click “save”.

Now that you’ve created a supervised account, visit, select the supervised user from the left pane and go to Permissions -> Manage.

Here you can manage the permissions for the supervised user, as well add any websites you’d like to block. Once you finish setting up the permissions, you just need to switch to this user.

To do this, return to Chrome’s Settings, click “Manage other people and select “Supervised user”.

Block Site

Block Site is an excellent Chrome extension that allows you to password-protect its Settings page so other people can’t unblock sites.

Once you install Block Site, open its settings and add the websites you want to block. also, make sure the “Enable Authentication” option is checked. Then, you just need to enter a password.

Personal Blocklist

Personal Blocklist is an extension developed by Google that lets you block websites directly in Google Search results.

After you install it, for each Google Search result you’ll have the option to block the corresponding domain. If your search results include a blocked website, you’ll be notified at the bottom of the search page where you’ll also have the option to “show” the search results including the blocked sites, should you wish to do so.


If your main reason for blocking websites is to prevent you from getting distracted during work or study hours, StayFocusd is the perfect extension for you. This particular tool allows you to block websites, but also restrict your browsing activity and how much time you spend on certain websites every day.

StayFocusd also has an interesting feature called The Nuclear Option. This option lets you prevent access to any blocked websites even if you didn’t go over the time limit for a certain number of hours.

What method are you using to block websites in Chrome? Can you recommend other Chrome extensions for this purpose? Let us know in the comments section!

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